The green economy is coming
—and bringing exciting opportunities for adult basic education
and English language students.

You’re a professional in the field of adult learning and workforce development. You know that green economy jobs have the potential to change your students’ lives—as well as the world we live in. But you may be wondering:

  • How much is hype and how much is genuine potential?
  • What can my students do to prepare for the opportunities?
  • How can I easily integrate green jobs material into my existing programs?
  • Are issues of global climate change even relevant to my students’ needs?

Alex Risley Schroeder launched Finding Earth Works when she saw the opportunity the emerging green economy provides for meaningful work at sustainable wages. Through workshops, strategic planning, and curriculum and program development, she will help you meet your adult learners’ training and education goals and engage them in the shared challenge of re-inventing the ways we live and work on the Earth.

Just released:  The ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors Curriculum Resource Guide

Finding Earth Works partnered with World Education to design and run the ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors project with 8 Massachusetts adult education programs. The thrust of this project was educating adult education teachers and counselors and program administrators about clean energy concepts, the Massachusetts clean energy industry and relevant occupations and training opportunities for ABE students. One of the main outcomes of this work is The ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors Curriculum Resource Guide.

This 150 page Curriculum Resource Guide contains more than 45 annotated clean energy resources appropriate for ABE/ESOL/GED classrooms, four examples of ways the resources might be used to teach about clean energy concepts and implications for integration with math, science and language arts instruction, career planning, GED skill development, career exploration and relating to home and work, as well as 16 lesson sequences and additional activities developed and piloted by ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors.